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"Who is the person who brought a little "magic" into your life growing up?"



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Be a Big


Do You Remember The Magic?

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is about sharing simple,
magical moments with a child. Each of us had a special person who opened doors and broadened our horizons on the world when we were young. By becoming a "Big," you can do the same for a child, and you will both be forever changed by the experience!

Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers are matched according to interests, activities and personalities. We will match you according to your preferences - even your location! And we promise to take care of you - each match is supported by one of our professional staff to assure that you are having the time of your life!

It's fun, easy and flexible! Busy people of all ages (minimum 18) can get involved, and you can choose the program that works best for you.

Getting started is easy, too!  Simply let us know you're interested by completing an application online, or by contacting us via e-mail or phone. We can get you started in a program that is right for you!

Complete an application today…and let the
magic begin!

Programs Available

Traditional Core Program
Couples Program
School-based Program

Traditional Program • Couples Match • School Program • Photo Album • Application Process • FAQ • Apply Online