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"Who is the person who brought a little "magic" into your life growing up?"



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About US

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America pioneered the youth mentoring movement back in the early 1900s. The organization was founded by a court clerk named Earnest Coulter from New York City. Mr. Coulter recognized the need for children to have a positive influence in their lives - so much so, that he called on his community members to volunteer their time as a friend to these children. He then coined the name "Big Brother" in connection with this program, which would later evolve into Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Now after almost 100 years of service, we are so much more! Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is one of the largest not-for-profit youth serving organizations in the country. In the Tulsa area, our volunteers have been sharing magic with children since 1984, and we now boast more volunteers than ever before! And although times may have changed, the need for a child to have a positive and fun influence in their lives has remained constant. That's where we play a key role. Big Brothers & Sisters of Green Country, Inc. has truly mastered the magic of matching "Bigs" and "Littles" in rewarding one-to-one relationships. We realize everyone's time is precious - that's why we make the volunteering experience the best it can be. With a committed and dedicated staff, volunteers know they're part of a well-designed, efficiently run program. From trainings to special events, newsletters to individual case managers, we ensure the experience is rewarding. All the "Big" needs to do is bring some magic!

As our community continues to grow, so will we. By the year 2010, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America expects to have one million matches. We think Ernest would be proud!

At Big Brothers & Sisters of Green Country, Inc. we offer many programs to fit all different walks of life. Whether you're a business professional, college student, empty nester, married couple or even a busy person, we've got a program for you! We offer quality relationships that bring joy and magic to the kid as well as the kid inside the "Big."

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